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 he church in Kali Komi, St. Nicholas, is worth a visit, it has a remarkable wall decoration in stone

St. Nicholas church

St. Nicholas church
About Kali Komi

The village of Kali Komi is located 610 meters above sea level,  it's was named Molentziko and Palaiochóra in earlier years. In the village you can see the old stone houses that are several hundred years old, walking bridges and a water mill.
Kali Komi from Ellinika

There are two monasteries in the area about 1 hours drive from Kali Komi. One is located in the municipal center of Anthiro and named "JM Katousion" The other one is actually in the neighboring county, just north of the village Piges, it's called "Seltso". It can be seen from the road to Kali Komi. None of these monasteries are in daily use at the moment. 

The sources "Tosca" and "Poyria" is available from several trails that start in the village and the highway. 

You have a wonderful view from the peaks of "Botsis", "Kalatori", "Koykia" and "Stayros" 

There are also several unexplored caves in the area with the following name "Vouzia, Papa toy Rongi, Vaeni Znara, Bala and Fiva.

Traditional festivals are held on the  20 May and 25th July (Dormition of Anna) in the village square

For those who want to enjoy the stunning and beautiful scenery, the mountains of Argithea are worth a visit.Forests, rivers and mountain ranges Argithea, waiting for them.

The most adventurous would not hesitate to wander and explore the beautiful sites.

 Acheloos River flows from the Pindos mountains in central Greece, west to the Ionian Sea and is separated from the Thessaly plain at the southern end of the mountain range. 

Acheloos is Greece's longest river. It's often used for kayaking and rafting, and is a great river for trout fishing. In 1990 the government started to stem the Acheloos, just below Petroto, to make a  artificial lake whith 600 million m³ water. There has been considerable resistance from environment activists. This work is currently put on ice because of the economic situation. Read more here

The geographical area called Argithea starts after Zygourolivado back (top of the mountain Voutsikaki), Karava, Ai-Lias (Tibanos), extends to the border of the county in Arta and Evritania and includes the villages / towns:  Anthiro - Argithea - Ellinika - Therino - Kali Komi - Karia - Mesovouni - Petroto - Argiro - Katafylli - Marathos - Vlasios - Drosato - Koumpouriana - Leontito - Petrohori - Stefaniada - Fountoto. All in Argithea municipality.