A historic victory monument
Nikopolis Just outside of Preveza is Nicopolis, a historic area. Nicopolis was founded in the Octavian, later known as Emperor Augustus. He planned and founded the city as a monument in honor of his own victory over Mark Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra at the battle of Aktion 


SE the movie
"Mystic River"

Rafting on the river Acheloos
Filmed by EscapeWay.

Things you can do - Activities

Hiking in the area of the village, you can see old stone house that is several hundred years old, walking bridges and a water mill. Or visit the church of St. Nicholas with a remarkable wall decoration in stone.

There are two monasteries in the area about 1 hour drive from Kali Komi. One is located in the municipal center Anthiro and named "JM Katousion" The other one is actually in the neighboring county, just north of the village Piges, it's called "Seltso". It can be seen from the road to Kali Komi.None of these monasteries are in daily use at the moment.

The sources "Tosca" and "Poyria" is available from several trails that start in the village and the highway.

Or visit the cozy town neighboring Ellnika, located at 1000 meters, 400 meters higher than the hotel.Ellnika have a great church with a free-standing bell tower, and a small café where you can buy refreshments.

You have a wonderful view from the peaks of "Botsis", "Kalatori", "Koykia" and "Stayros"  

There are also several unexplored caves in the area with the following name "Vouzia, Papa toy Rongi, Vaeni Znara, Bala and Fiva

EscapeWay organizes walks in the area as well as rafting and kayaking on the river Acheloos which is Greece's longest river. See more on


Fishing in the River Acheloos, rich on trout, and there is a big trout here.

Daytrip to the cliffs and the monasteries of Meteora , known from the James Bond film "For your eyes only". See also:

Take a trip down the Adriatic coast, wher you can vistit the picturesque and romantic cities ofPreveza and Parga . Large parts of the coast is beaches. South of Parga is one of the most famous beaches on the west side of Greece, Vrachos Beach. It takes about 5 hours to drive down to the coast of the Adriatic Sea so it is hardly a day trip, but it is full of cozy accommodations, hotel staff will help you make your reservation. 
Valtos beach, Parga

On the way down to the Adriatic, take a stopp in the town of Arta, 30 km from the Adriatic Sea, this very Greek city with no tourists. The old bridge of Arta is worth a visit.

Arta old brigde